25 Powerful Photoshop Light Effect Tutorials

No matter how long you’ve been working with Photoshop, it’s impossible to know everything. The possibilities are endless and people constantly find new ways to use old tools.  [...]

当你有多个设备在家时,要让每个设备都翻墙往往是很麻烦的。电脑上有ssh、vpn等多种方案,而Android上常用goagent,iPhone不越狱的话则只能依赖vpn或APN Proxy。而且这些方案往往在稳定性、流量控制、速度上各有各的问题。于是就有聪明人发明了从路由器级别搞定翻墙的办法。对所有设备透明,稳定,流量耗用小。  [...]



I would like to thank all of you for the great feedback and appreciating my work on the ‘Second Floor, Block 1′ scene. As promised back then, I decided to post a series of 3d fabric / cloth making tips that relate to the making of that scene.  [...]